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Richard Saunders

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So far we can use Gmail as action but not trigger.

Can't we set Gmail as a Trigger, filter on Email from a specific person which will trigger an event/action, for example send us a notification for some emails on Slack. So Gmail as trigger + filter + slack as action ?

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Al Silva

Send Gmail emails for new Google Sheet spreadsheet rows


Ian Keir

second the need to have this available as a trigger. i would like to be able to find an email that meets certain criteria, and trigger an automation. also would be nice to have "search for email" as an action as well.

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Rickard Armiento

+1 On that many more triggers and actions are needed. Trigger on finding email that fulfill certain criteria (e.g., unread with label X) would be great. And as an action: searching for email that matches criteria (and then being able to use title, body, etc. in later steps)

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Elyssa Manis

how can this be set to LIVE when there are no triggers? :( Is this something that will happen?


raj esh

Seems to have no Trigger and only 1 action "Send Email" - is that due to still under review.

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Abhishek A Agrawal

It's live now. Can be integrated with other apps. But in Google review.


Abhishek A Agrawal

Status changed to: Live

Luis Avila

I've read that Google charges $15,000-75,000 for OAuth verification process and security assessment. Will this be an issue to the success of integrately?


Abhishek A Agrawal

Almost ready to be submitted for google review


Abhishek A Agrawal

Status changed to: In progress


Erika Mayiras

automation functions that can create a copy of a folder, rename a file/folder. Bonus: the ability to share a file/folder with an email that is pulled from a connected app


Abhishek A Agrawal

Status changed to: Planned