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Is this integration able to choose which list to add a new member to yet? it's not much use if you can't select which list to add a new member to.


Sven Kersten

How do you add a contact to a list?


Sven Kersten

Nevermind, I got it fixed. First step is to find the subscriber, second step is to change/create the subscriber. My automation is now working.

Jonathan Evans

Cannot even add a 'new contact' to a list. Pointless integration, so far.

Davide Fanchin

You can't select a list within SendFox. This makes this integration useless for now unfortunately

Jonathan Evans

How can we add the list to add the contact to?!


Sebastian P.

I can't select which list the new contact will be assigned to...
Is this possible?
Thanks! :)

Jonathan Evans

Yeh, good idea!

Jonathan Evans

Especially if they buy a specific product with thrivecart for example.



Status changed to: Live