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Sarath Nair

Integrate with Zoom please

Dan Mikael Ydestrand

It would be great to be able to integrate to the zoom.us platform so that when x happens (event added, meeting booked) y is added to c.



Merged with: Zoom.us

Dan Mikael Ydestrand

Is this coming?

Florian Stangl

I ask again carefully if there are any news yet

Florian Stangl

ok, after asking i got a "we have no ETA for zoom" back. so i guess it will take some time.

Tracey Lorenson

Need to be able to also sent zoom PHONE recordings to other services (zoom phone is a separate service, not zoom meeting, and recordings are stored separately) - right now Tray.io and a few other services do this, but connecting those phone calls to companyhub/other CRMs would be amazing.


Dwight Schultz

Recipe: Purchase access to an event in ThriveCart > Register them for a webinar in Zoom.

Florian Stangl

any news? :/


Recipe: New Zoom Recording Detected > Upload Video to Vimeo Folder > Notify Me When Video is ready


Zapier can see recordings on Zoom and get the download link but only uploads to the account in Vimeo. Integromat can upload to Vimeo folders, but can't see recordings in Zoom... Ideally I would love for this to even be able to not only upload to a Vimeo folder but even allow me to choose a team if I have been invited to multiple teams to upload in vimeo. Not sure if that part is possible though since no one does it.


Graham Page

Recipe: Use Company hub to book client appointment > creates a zoom event > adds zoom details to CH appointment

Jerome Clatworthy

Yes, 'webvinar' version is a must

Akshay Hallur

Any update on this? Don't forget Zoom webinars too along with meetings.


Federico Jorge

Would be great to see Integrately identify different kind of meetings and automate stuff depending on that. Example: some meetings I want to get transcribed, others I don't. Meeting name is what I use to define this.


Abhishek A Agrawal

Status changed to: Planned




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